Est. 2015

Keary & James is a jewelry studio based in the midwest. Rooted in makers. Founded by Erin Keary James.

All components and material used in our products are produced in the USA. From the recycled silver to the paper in our packaging, you can feel confident that we source with intention. We also fully guarantee our products. To learn more about our guarantee, click here.

Sterling Silver

Erin Keary silver jewelry is made with .925 solid sterling silver, including chain, earring backs, and posts. Sterling silver is safe for those with sensitive skin and nickel allergy.

10k Solid Gold

Erin Keary 10k gold jewelry is solid. 10k gold offers great durability and warm gold color.

14k Vermeil

Silver-glit, gilded silver, or known by the french term Vermeil is a specific term that differs from gold plated jewelry.

  • Vermeil is .925 solid sterling silver that is coated with at least 2.5 microns thick of gold which must be not less than 10k fineness.
  • This differs from gold plated product as gold plated product is not required to have a core made of .925 sterling silver. It can be any base metal, brass or copper, and there is no required minimum thickness of gold present.


Gold-filled jewelry consists of a thick layer of gold which is bonded to a core metal interior. This offers a durable finish that will not peel or flake like some gold plated jewelry.

American Mined Stones

All of the stones we use in our product are mined in the USA. We currently offer jewelry with:

  • Arizona peridot. Birthstone of August and the 15th anniversary gemstone.
  • Montana sapphire. Birthstone of September and the 5th and 45th anniversary gemstone.
  • Oregon red and black jasper. Opaque vibrant colored quartz for our inlay pieces.
  • Arizona turquoise. Birthstone of December and the 11th anniversary gemstone.